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del valle community events. project manager

project manager. copywriter. video editor

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Hanford Community


My role as project manager is to organize and help run annual community events such as the Del Valle Toy Drive. 

My job list is as following:

  • Location search: searching for the right location with the right amount space for the event, and one that our community is familiar with and easy to find.

  • Recruitment:  To make each drive more successful than the previous, we look for other local leaders just as eager to give back to the community who drive our businesses.

  • Planning: I design maps and schedules to layout traffic routes and position each volunteering team to make the event run faster.

  • Toy search: As our event grows, more toys are needed. Local vendors are recruited to source out hundreds of toys from southern California. Catalogs are also useful to list toys and toy stores to distribute to all volunteering organizations. 

  • Promote & Document: 


recruiting + planning

 The banners show how sponsorship numbers have grown from 1 year to the next. Recruiting also includes working with local officials like Hanford PD for traffic control.

No one goes to war without planning or organizing your army beforehand. Map layouts like this helped all volunteers know where they should be at and made sure traffic as well as the whole event drive smoothly. 

informing the public

Flyers shared to all participating businesses. We decided to wait for social posting until after the event to prevent from spreading the news outside of the community. 

documenting the event

Showing the fun we had and getting the people excited for the next event.


  • In three years sponsorship numbers have grown from 1 sole sponsor to 10+ businesses and organizations volunteering.

  • 2022's drive totaled out to over 5,000 gifts gifted.

  • 2022 began a new tradition of a different volunteer hosting the event, pushing sponsors to taking a more serious commitment in organizing.

  • Mercado Del Valle voted King's County Best local small market.


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