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¿Quien es Javier?

Javier is hijo de Jaime y de Rosa. He then found out he is hijo de Jose. He then found out Jaime y Jose are the same guy. He is a copywriter in 3 languages, pero un mal hablado in almost todas. He’s the youngest of 4. 1’s practically a millionaire. 1 runs the best market in town. 1 is the smartest, most caring person he knows. The 4th is the most comparable to Louis Stevens from Even Stevens. 


Javier was valedictorian of his class. Miami Ad School, San Francisco, class of the pandemic ruined grad 2020. Total class #s: 1. He wanted to be a copywriter. He is currently, a butcher by day, freelancer by night, pretty cool dude 24/7. He is still a decent copywriter, a not-so-good designer, level 1 web coder, and a guy who still gets a helluva job well done


Javier doesn’t like to work, he needs to work. So he works and work. --- and works.

He co-owns the family business. Everyone else says he co-manages. He’s worked on brands like TREO by Gillette at Grey and Queso Cincho by Rancho Santa Maria. Bank of the West at the Community, Intern at FCB, sales at KJUG, content creator at MDV, window cleaner at West Coast Auto. He once even opened his own restaurant. Then he closed it. It fai--devolved into a weekend catering co. 


Javier has played many roles in many places. He was the mexican kid in San Francisco, the white kid in Mexico City and the Cali Kid in NYC. His current role is tio to 6 demons who he loves very much. Javier’s big mouth has gotten him into bigger trouble. BIG trouble. He’s trying to work on it. He’s realized writing nonsense instead of blurting nonsense can be a superpower and make him a lot more feria. He thinks. Javier is again looking for another role, which is why you are probably reading this, so I hope you liked Javier.



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