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Like for many in 2020, my career path took a slight detour from what I originally had planned, and it led me back home to help with the family business. To continue my advertising aspirations, I used my free time to begin my own freelance gig. As a freelancer, I jumped from Copywriter to Recruit to Web Designer and Logo Designer. The following collection shows off my work style as more than just a Copywriter. More projects coming soon.




Más About Mí

call me javis

Being creative is the ability to assemble the mumble-jumble information in my brain to communicate it in ways others have never heard it before. Being multicultural is exactly that.

My parents’ roots and traditions infused with my all-American upbringing have created my own diverse culture in which I can communicate in a variety of forms.

My sense of swag consists of a clean, flipped back New Era to match the huaraches of the day.

My favorite meal is a plate of carne asada, fresh off the grill, with a side of fries.

My playlist remixes from G-funk to rancheras, and classic rock to reggaeton.

And my tongue, Spanglish, gives me three languages to choose from making it easier to express my thoughts.

My multiculturalism has been my top creative asset and my main inspiration as a writer trying to spread a message of diversity.

P.S: I'm also a taquero with 8 years of experience, so hiring me will also get you an in-house taco guy.



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